What is TMD?

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TMD is a condition that often goes undiagnosed and untreated for many reasons. Some patients opt to ignore the symptoms, as most of them are not very alarming, while others seek help from medical professionals who simply provide treatment methods that only mask the symptoms opposed to treating the real cause. Because of this a lot of patients often go undiagnosed for months if not years with the condition. However, if you suffer from TMJ symptoms such as headaches, jaw pain, tinnitus, or facial pain, now is the time to be properly diagnosed. Dr. Hall can examine your TMD Colorado Springs symptoms and dental history and health to determine if you have TMJ disorder.

TMJ Disorder – What Is It?

TMD is a dental condition that happens when the jaw joint, also known as the temporomandibular joint, is off-balance of misaligned. The body, being the advanced machine it is, will attempt to move the jaw joint back into a more suitable position. While this is the nature of the body, it also causes all sorts of strain and pressure on the TMJ along with many other body parts, such as the ears, neck, and skull, that are connected to the joint.

Diagnosis and Treatment – Say Goodbye to Your Symptoms!

Don’t let TMD and its symptoms cause you any pain or discomfort and longer! Come to our Colorado Springs office for a complimentary TMD consultation with Dr. Hall where you can be diagnosed and given the treatment you need. Contact us today at 719.602.2614.

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