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Dentures Colorado Springs CO

If you are missing teeth, dentures could help to restore the look and function of your smile. There are two main types of dentures – complete and partial. Before deciding on your treatment method you will need to come into The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry for a full assessment. Dr. Andrew Hall can help you choose the best dentures for your unique circumstances and provide recommendations for your situation.

Complete dentures

Complete dentures are meant for those patients who are missing all of their teeth in an arch, such as the upper arch of the mouth. They can either be made in an immediate fashion, or in a more conventional fashion.

Immediate dentures are made before the teeth are extracted and, as their name suggests, can be worn immediately after the extraction. Most dentists warn against this type as they do not allow any time for the bones and gums to shrink, which means adjustments and additional relines are needed as time passes.

Conventional dentures are fitted and made after the teeth are removed. They are not worn until 8-12 weeks after teeth extraction so that the gums, bones, and other parts of the mouth can settle and heal properly.

Fixed dentures

At The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry we generally will recommend patients combine dentures with dental implants to create fixed dentures. Complete dentures are generally much more comfortable and functional when combined with dental implants as it provides improved retention and function, and patients have a higher quality of life. This treatment prevents dentures from slipping around or falling out as they are fixed to the dental implant anchors and adds extra strength and durability.

Partial dentures

For patients who are not missing an entire row of teeth, partial dentures are an option. If the patient has one or more original teeth still functioning properly, then partial dentures can be used to fill the gaps, and allows the healthy teeth to stay. This option is also great for ensuring existing teeth do not become misaligned due to shifting.

They may also be used as support when a patient requires a dental crown or a dental bridge as the denture provides a sense of durability and stability.

Other tooth replacement options

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. As such, we are proud to offer a range of tooth replacement options for our patients. These include dental implants and dental bridges. Click through to find out more about these treatments.

Dentures Colorado Springs

If you have questions or concerns about dentures please contact our Colorado Springs office by calling (719) 481-8250. We can answer any questions you may have regarding dentures, how they work, and other helpful information. We can also schedule an appointment time to meet with Dr. Hall to discuss this treatment.