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Questions about Orthodontics

Considering orthodontics in Colorado? If so you probably have plenty of questions to ask! Below are some common FAQs regarding braces. Feel free to contact us with any other questions and concerns you have.

Is Orthodontics for Me?

Dr. Hall will have to examine your oral health and the state of your teeth before truly knowing if orthodontics is the right treatment option for you. While most patients are suitable for braces, there may be another method that will give you even better results. This will all be determined after the position of your teeth, severity of the problems, and other factors are taken into consideration. Dr. Hall will work with you to ensure that you will be able to leave our dental office with a straight smile that you love having.

It’s also important to ensure that patients are ready and able to make the needed changes in order to take proper care of their braces. This includes avoiding certain foods such as hard candy, gum, and extremely chewy foods that may damage the orthodontics.

How do Orthodontics Work?

Traditional orthodontics work through the use of arch wire and brackets that slowly move the teeth into more ideal positions. Both of these pieces work together in order to correct your bite, any gaps, as well as to straighten the teeth. The arch wire is placed in such a way that it puts pressure on the brackets which then put pressure on the teeth. The pressure placed on the teeth softens the tooth’s membrane on one side and constricts the other. This ultimately loosens the teeth down to the gums. Once the teeth are shifted they then stop moving which allows the bone to provide support for the newly positioned teeth.

Do Orthodontics Hurt?

When the braces are first placed on the teeth there is little to no pain at all. Once the braces have been applied to the teeth, patients may experience mild discomfort and soreness, especially as the wires and/or expanders are added. Weeks after having braces placed, patients may experience discomfort as the teeth start to get used to the braces and the gradual replacement of the teeth begins. This discomfort usually ends within a few weeks and patients can take OTC pain relievers to reduce any pain.

How Long Will I Need Orthodontics?

The length of time you will need to have orthodontics all depends on how severe your oral problems were and how many teeth needed to be realigned and shifted. Some patients need braces for months, others for years. There is no true way to know how long orthodontics will need to be on your teeth. The good news is that you will end up with a straight smile no matter what!

Are There Alternatives to Traditional Orthodontics?

As the dental world continues to advance there are new systems that can be used in order to straighten teeth. A popular alternative method offered by many dentists across the country and in Colorado Springs is the Invisalign system which uses clear aligners to bring the teeth into a more ideal position. It’s important to speak to Dr. Hall to see which type of orthodontics will give you the results you want.

Love Your New Straight Smile!

If you have questions or concerns regarding orthodontics in Colorado, feel free to contact us! Patients can reach us at our Colorado Springs location by calling (719) 481-8250 or use our online form to set up an appointment. Dr. Hall will talk to you about braces and decide if they will be able to provide you with a smile you’ll be satisfied with.